Is Covid-blue true?



Recently, we found interesting article that suicide rate in Korea is decreasing after Covid-19



Korea is known as top ranked country on suicide rate among OECD countries. However, it was found that the suicide rate in March, when the Covid-19 outbreak hit its peak, was reduced by 5% over the same period in last year, and downed 25% compared to 2018

Below is some potential contributors on reduced suicide rate

1) During the course of crisis, solidarity was strengthened as people felt same pain and fear, and encourage each other and medical worker

2) As people spend more time at home with family during social distancing, interaction with family positively influenced emotional stability

3) Frequent emergency text messaging and financial support from Government regarding with Covid-19 makes people feel being secured and strengthen sense of belonging as a social member, especially among seniors living alone

Although people still feel anxiety and fear, caused by Covid-19, positive impact on emotion seems to be making people strong