Getting premium home care like dermatology with LED Mask !

As Korean women's interest in home care has increased, premium LED masks are gaining popularity. LED is known to help skin elasticity and skin health by activating skin cells. Dermatology is also using LED device. LED masks, which are made for home use of LED devices used by dermatologists, account for about 60 percent of the beauty market as a basis of sales.


The reason why LED mask is booming even though they cost more than 1 million Won is that;

•It works up to dermis layer and provides wide range of skin benefit from moisturizing to AA like it seems to take dermatological procedure e.g. whitening, lifting, acne relief, etc.
•It is cost beneficial. Able to use permanently for cheaper price than dermatology or esthetic
•It is Easy and convenient use. All it requires is just wearing mask unlike other beauty devices.

I tried Cellreturn LED mask which is most expensive beauty device at Lotte department store.

Although it reminds of freedom in activity because it is wireless device, it is actually quiet heavy so it doesn't seem to be easy to move around while wearing mask

It is convenient and new to control on/off mode through touch of the mask surface with the palm of hand. Charging is also convenient such as cell phone charger.

About a minute after wearing it, my skin feels warm and sweaty. The staff said that waste was released. It is recommended to use 3-4 times a week, 20mins for each use.

Although I couldn’t feel visible functional benefit due to short time of experience, I felt like I took treatment like dermatology in convenient way because of new way of operation and mask type.

On the other hand, I had concern about eye health due to strong LED light even though it had passed safety test and it would require detail guideline for specific precautions.