No more burning but heating !

No more burning but heating !  -



As Heat-Not-Burn (HNB) cigarette is raising as an alternative of conventional cigarette, starting with Philip morris, BAT and KT&G released HNB cigarette.

HNB cigarette market is growing rapidly with nearly 10% of share in Korean cigarette market.  


Since HNB cigarette uses electronic device with heating system instead of burning, there is no harmful chemical, smoke and ash from burning and it attracts smokers who usually have concern on health and hygiene.


Especially, under a lot of social pressure towards smokers from expansion of smoke free zone, increasing cigarette price and warning photos on the cigarette package, HNC cigarette which has no smell with device-like design is presented as escape from negative view of others towards smoker.


Despite recent controversy about harmful chemicals contained in HNB cigarette, HNB cigarette market seems to grow continuously on high satisfaction of current user about health and smell issue