Work and life balance

Work and life balance -

In previous research about young generation’s life style, it is appeared that young generation put value on healthy, simple and self-satisfied life rather than grand success.

Young negeration’s values toward life is leading marketing boom of product that pursues lifestyle of YOLO, KINFOLK or HYGGE.

For older generation, getting a professional job in big company, health or law industry after graduation of SKY was main measure of success on life since feeding was immediate priority on life and it created TIGERMOM who sacrifice their lives on children’s success.

However, young generation comparably live on easy street, their priority on life become self-satisfaction thus their definition of happy life is basis on ‘WORK AND LIFE BALANCE’. A phrase such as “Not try to make much money and live well” or “Life after work“ is representing young generation’s perception.

*SKY: Initial of top 3 universities in Korea /S- Seoul National University, K-Korea University, Y-Yonsei Univ.